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Thursday, 13 December 2007

 Dear Yemen Traveler or Tourist Agency, 

 Marhaba and Welcome to Socotra AlYemenTours

 We have been welcoming and taking care of international tourists for 15 years in Yemen.We are a receptive tour operator established to provide unique travel and tourism services for groups and individuals at realistic and moderate prices. We put great emphasis on maintaining high quality standards and securing the individual wishes and ideas of our clients.

We expect from our work that our name is always linked to the complete fulfillment of our client's satisfaction, expectations and a general sentiment of wellbeing, with respect to our responsibilities which we take very serious for all of our guests. The beauty of Yemen and its diversity of landscapes and people lie at the heart of our philosophy. 

 Superior customer care and service is our highest priority - from the products offered, to the traveler care provided before, during and after the trip. 

We maintain very good and strong relations with Yemeni tourism and government authorities,  agencies and associations.Member’s of these travels and trade Associations include:

  •         Yemeni Association for Travel & Tourism Agencies
  •         Yemeni– Germany Friendship Association
  •         Old City of Sana’a Association
  •          Yemeni Cultural Heritage Association
  •         Yemeni riding Club
  •          German-Yemeni Society (Deutsch-Jemenitische Gesellschaft e.v.)

 We are very proud of our long-term experiences, knowledge and professionalism which have been playing an important role in building up the excellent reputation of Socotra AlYemen Tours. We aim to share our experiences and our great love for this magnificent country with all those who wish to discover the many cultural, historical and sightseeing aspects of Yemen to the full.

 Our team and I hope that we will be able to welcome you in the near future! Yours sincerely,

Khaled Ali Al Sabri
Director - Socotra Al Yemen Tours
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Monday, 09 August 2004

Red Sea  or Indien Ocean What is your choice? We could provide you good snorkle tours all around Yemen.

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Monday, 09 August 2004

Surfers and kite Surfers was become the latest water sportives who was sedussed by our coast. Like U.S surfing team have fun on Yemeni spots.

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